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The sweetest sweet
Little Lucy,
walked into
the pastry shop.
She breathed in
and began to tweet:
"I would like
the sweetest sweet".
"Of course you would"
replied the seller.
"It's waiting for you
in my cellar
But you can never tell
'cause you're
the only one
I'll give it to".
July's blond hair
jolted freely
as she nodded
The seller
took her by the hand.
Everything had gone
as planned.
:iconmavracula:Mavracula 2 0
The sweetest sweet
Little Lucy
walked into
the pastry shop.
She breathed in
and began to tweet:
"I would like
the sweetest sweet".
"Of course you would"
replied the seller.
"It's waiting for you
In the cellar
But you can never
tell 'cause you're
the only one
I'll give it to"
July's blond hair
jolted freely
As she nodded
The seller
took her by the hand.
Everything had gone
as planned.
:iconmavracula:Mavracula 0 0
Floating in a dim-lit space
lost and crippled
in a lonely race
and when it's over
I'll dig deep
and leave with out a trace.
Each second
one more bite,
one inch of flesh
sealed safely out of sight.
So slowly
I'm sliding.
I spiral into me.
Gone little by little
and I nibble
and I nibble.
I'm living off a riddle
and I nibble
and I'll nibble till I'm Gone little by little
and I nibble
and I nibble.
I'm living off a riddle
and I nibble
and I'll nibble till I'm gone.
Scared of what the mirror showed me
I didn't know
how much I could endure.
I decided to
lock myself in me
and be secure.
Once bitten
you're twice shy.
So many drops of trust spilled
and you're dry.
So slowly
I'm sliding.
I spiral into me.
Gone little by little
and I nibble
and I nibble.
I'm living off a riddle
and I nibble
and I'll nibble till I'm Gone little by little
and I nibble
and I nibble.
I'm living off a riddle
and I nibble
and I'll nibble till I'm gone.
Flip the coin and watch it
spin and spin yourse
:iconmavracula:Mavracula 3 1
The Flight
Talk about the future,
Oh the irony.
Talk about having it coming.
Retrospective revelations
In rotations.
Takes its time to match speed with the facts.
Then you slip
And you hit rock bottom. Drip
After drip the drops drop down.
Lipstick smudged all over your face.
That and make-up left a trace
Hard to clean up after.
Round and round the sirens go
At the ship's departing
And the sounds grow slow.
Short-term plans,
Better be on the safe side.
Oh the irony.
Turn your back to find the moment gone.
Flashbacks give
Low jabs in my forehead
Any time or day
Back and forth in time, one moment short
when you slipped
And you hit rock bottom. Drip
After drip the drops dropped down.
Lipstick smudged all over your face.
That and make-up left a trace
Hard to clean up after.
Round and round the sirens go
At the ship's departing
And the sounds grow slow.
:iconmavracula:Mavracula 2 5
Gradually, slowly through the thick cement
My resignation lured me into the vortex
And I can feel the gray paste twist and bend,
Seep and solidify in my cerebral cortex
Till every jolt of information sent
Is returned to post, orphaned from processing
And I smile dully to the blunted end
Of observing the facts and of assessing.
And now the world seems to be flowing freely
And actions are clear-cut and independent
And everything is so much simpler really
And, unified in dullness, life forms fervent
Buzz on in the closed circuit of my wit
As I wipe from my lips the dripping spit.
:iconmavracula:Mavracula 2 0
The hook
While falling, drags the rock the air around it
Downwards to have some company in the meantime.
The kitten, kicked till it's too sick a view
Claws deep inside the misfortune that found it.
The bug, squished just to teach  that evolution
Is not much more than difference in the quotient,
Ignores the very quotient in the scale
And stings while spilling its life's thick solution.
From birth we got to know the theorem
As nature brainwashed us with propaganda:
If there's no way to choose between the two
We'll meet the end together, us AND them.
To avoid misunderstanding
Don't think "them"'s "the Man"
"the System", "the Machine".
"Them"'s everyone who's happier
Than you and
Whom you've seen.
:iconmavracula:Mavracula 0 0
Reflect, regret, repent; the revelation
unreels a raw, revolting resolution:
a restless rhythmic route of a rotation
that -through its course- turns question to solution
For still familiar far-fetched figments fog
facts being flung in forgetfulness' fissures
safeguarding the fantasy of a lazy hog
filled to the brim with harsh self-esteem issues.
Those filtered recollections, lay 'em to rest.
Your fate's scribed on your face you so detest.
:iconmavracula:Mavracula 1 4
It started as an egocentric whim:
cancerous quasi sensitive projection
that through your personality can swim
to infect inhibitions' cerebral section
But, like a smoker's detrimental passion,
the molding of faint thoughts to concrete fiction
exceeded the daily suggested ration
and soon my pleasure was full-scale addiction.
However, catering for my shy vanity
that craves for credit, runs from criticism,
I choose to hide my real identity,
deem undisclosed my reeking narcissism.
'Tis common sense: in order to forget
our own defects and ev'ry annoying flaw
we notice some on others but just let
the matter wane, as states th' unwritten law.
Thus, lawyers like myself, grab hold that chance
and use it but to serve their twisted ways.
This one, though, thanks you for your silent stance
and these for you to judge with respect lays:
:iconmavracula:Mavracula 5 5
One Sonnet
We cast aside the stain of ordinary
to prove the axiom "mind over matter",
dismiss sentiments as unnecessary
and stuff our rationale and make it fatter
until our chubby savvy ends up a fumbler
and blubber slows the beating of our heart
and the cold heights we reached from places humbler
freeze up our brain's atrophied, unused part.
Therefore I pledge allegiance where allegiance's due:
both my left and right hemisphere belong to you.
:iconmavracula:Mavracula 0 4
After all
Heavy snow.
Roads were kept closed all day.
Day went away quickly, blue to gold to pink to purple
stretched itself, stretching with it my soul I spent so much time sewing on its edges
until the street lamps turned on
oddly two by two
and evening found me alone in front of the fireplace
opening manufactured wishing cards from several foundations for my eightieth Christmas.
Card by card my moves grew heavier.
"You have to slow down!" you cried out.
"Set your priorities! Think about your personal life a bit!"
Oh, for chrissakes put yourself where you belong in this world.
Be rational.
What priorities? Love isn't for the 25-year-olds.
We have an individual future, a career, we lack time - at least I do.
December was really cold that year, ash coloured clouds passing quickly and freezing wind creeping through your trousers
along your spine
all the way up to your neck.
Ten minutes ago I was staring blankly at the water currents flowing down the shut maple door.
Like the water b
:iconmavracula:Mavracula 4 0
Mature content
Old man Jacobi :iconmavracula:Mavracula 0 0
Mature content
Not that fragile :iconmavracula:Mavracula 2 2
The hours
As I was walking down the road
that leads from church to my abode,
amidst the whispers of the night
my heart stood, awe-struck on this sight:
A  damsel in a dainty dress
all torn and dirty, all a mess,
approached me, took me by the hand
and led me on the sea-side sand.
She spoke, her voice pounded by woe,
as tears ran through her, eye to toe,
and sparkled, gems on sparkling rails,
minute ships bereft of sails.
She spoke of love vows, newly exchanged,
of love that never could be changed,
of flutt'ring doves caged in two hearts,
of one bleeding while th' other parts
To leave for docks a year away
for fear of not finding its way,
of days of prayers, nights of sighs,
of nightmares true and dreams of lies
Till one bright day of her last spring
she heard the front door doorbell ring.
She opened up, she read the mail
and soon the wat'ry fleet set sail
And wails and cries soon filled the dorm.
"The ship" it said "fell in a storm".
Compassion flooded every hole
of my sinful, puny soul
:iconmavracula:Mavracula 6 7
ID by Mavracula ID :iconmavracula:Mavracula 0 3
Gazing through the window's glass
lazily, I see them pass:
fluffy sheep with bodies blue
swaying in and out of view
over trees with rigid stance
and brown leaves, drifting in a trance
away towards a vineyard filled
with this year's hardly earnéd yield
and round the corner from the heaps
a schoolyard full of happy peeps
is swimming in a sea of wool
threatening to flood the school,
in front of which a boy and girl
through the passing people swirl
touching, top of head to feet,
cuddling in the crowded street
grey as if the fireplace soot
that fires off the chopped logs loot
to toss along the chimney's throat
fell on every face and coat
and stuck there waiting for the rain
to be washed off, its hope in vain
just to remain a heavy shroud,
a mirror to every sooty cloud.
:iconmavracula:Mavracula 1 3
A hard time sleeping
You had a dream the other night.
I don't know if you remember.
You dreamt of an amphitheatre....
You were sitting on the marble benches
weeds crawling timidly out to get some sunlight...
The day was beautiful.
So clear...
Rays crashed on the aging stones their windshields scattering everywhere in a sparkling fountain
flooding the stones with greenish hues ,
maybe sometimes highliting a brown-black crack or two
where hail fell
or a coke can from a clumsy tray
wrinkling with experience an aging face,
Circulation grows worse with the years.
Less and less people going around here.
That's what the grass in the front row is talking about
in a low voice
so no one can hear
cause it's embarrassing.
No one but you
cause the breeze brought a battered raft of whispers closer
ripple by ripple in a sea of deep shiny green
starting where the circular huge pebble fell
and where it's slowly sinking
slowly and quietly
blades of water pouring lazily through its pores
But you are
:iconmavracula:Mavracula 1 2


Writing Tournament 2013 ~ Round I
Come one and come all, raise your pen take part in this grand literary battle! There are subscriptions, points, and more to be won! You all have until February 19th to enter.
The time is nigh for the Third Annual Writers--club Literature Tournament!
This is a tournament for all writers welcoming prose and poetry! :la: It will be a grand competition spanning three rounds of literary challenge! :typerhappy: First of all, you must be willing to write for each of the rounds over the coming months.
There will be judging at the end of each round and those who progress to the next round will have to write a new piece for the next round's theme. A new participants list with the surviving writers will be released upon the announcement of the new round.
To sign up, join the group as a member and add this blog entry to your favorites. From there, feel free to submit your entry to the Tournament Round 1 Folder.
:spotlight-left: :bulletred: Round I Theme:  Immin
:iconwriters--club:Writers--club 207 277
Twin Cores
I cry like I always do,
even though you flurry around my crooked
smile as if you're in a parade.
Placing my hat on your head you
prance away, naughty with mischief and
The grubs you toss flutter away
as butterflies before me;
I suppose this is the passage of time.
My sweet gentleman, though
you dry up all my tears
you can't efface their gulches.
The vapor flies off my tongue at
sharp points that slice at your essence.
My cringes are all that keep you young.
You ride me through life,
a captain to calm the cascades of joy
and love that threaten to crumble inside.
Now I'm older than you by many times,
although still seduced by that lovely smile.
The truth can be so difficult to swallow.
Those butterflies return, wings torn and battered.
Enter my throat, where their legs of sapphire dynamite
prod and scrape up my slackened jaw.
Wisdom has come at the end when
it's far too late to make amends.
'You will never return home', I wish I'd said.
Finally washed and sudsed,
we collided a
:icontimelessarii:timelessarii 8 15
Pied Piper by Shanne Pied Piper :iconshanne:Shanne 50 1
Mature content
THE ROYAL COUPLE :iconateist-kleranty:ateist-kleranty 6 2
:-My World-:
I was five and I read about the wizards
and fairies and elves and castles
and people under the sea and kings and queens
and princesses and princes and cheesy romantic scenes
I lived in the world of a fairy tale
With knights in shining armors
Unicorns flying on rainbows
A world with so much to know
But now
I look at you and think
What more could there be?
What more could the world ask for?
I look through your vibrant green eyes, baby.
Stay up late at night thinkin.
Think about the way you smile
like the spring sun after cold winter nights.
What more could the world ask for?
When you're my world.
Hey, do you remember that time when we
walked down the shore that sunset.
It was cold, it was summer.
And the breeze was making me shiver.
You took me into your arms
And I took joy with your warmth.
I love you, baby
and I still do.
So don't
turn your back
from me.
What more could the world ask for?
I look through your vibrant green eyes, baby.
Stay up late at night thinkin.
Think about the way y
:iconhoshi-chan19:hoshi-chan19 4 8
Argyle Socks
beep, beep, beeeeep.....
     I jump up out of bed, not bothering to to turn off my alarm clock. Walking into the kitchen I say "Hey, mom."
No answer.
"Whatever." I say to the silence.
Lane walks into the kitchen, hair still dripping from his shower.
"Go wake your sister or she'll be late. And when you're done go dry off your hair."
" 'Kay, mom." He mumbles back to her.
"Mom, I'm right here at the-"
"Mom! Mom! Come quick!" The panic in his voice is enough to send chills through me.
    Mom runs to the end of the hall and into my purple and orange bedroom. I run after here and squeeze into the room.
   I see Lane pull away the covers to find a lifeless body lying on my bed. I can see her body but not her face. The red sweater, green zebra print shorts, and argyle socks she fell asleep in, look terrifyingly familiar. I look down at myself and suddenly recognize the girl in the bed.
"Oh, God." I whisper before everything
:iconsociopathicangel:SociopathicAngel 3 11
One More Drink
"You want to get a drink?"
Six words. Six little words casually spoken by an innocent man without any idea of their implications.
"You want to get a drink?"
It was only a reunion with an old friend; it was not supposed to become a battlefield. One moment I'm strolling down the street chatting light-heartedly with a mate from school, the next my world is threatening to crash down around me.
"You want to get a drink?"
To him it may mean nothing but a simple boy's night out, but to me it means much, much more.
"You want to get a drink?"
Anxiety, depression, obsession, not caring what I did, who I hurt, how much I lost as long it got me a pint. Bystanders attacked and robbed when cash ran low, barmen beaten and stabbed after refusing to give any more, and every last cent, possession, and shred of dignity sacrificed.
"You want to get a drink?"
Often I woke in pain, sometimes in strange places with no memory of how I got there, sometimes in
:icontreo-legigeo:Treo-LeGigeo 17 14
Lit Bits - volume I
Welcome to the first issue of Lit Bits. This article is posted weekly including features, groups, contests, and literary news among other things.

:thumb176503543:lost in the oceans lullaby. by Malinda-Rose:thumb179386952::thumb174470997::thumb177067795::thumb176982964::thumb168543857::thumb170366959:Fourteenth of the Second by julietcaesar:thumb113354156:
lyriclub is a group focused on songs and lyric writers. They hosts contests, provide critique weeks and much more. Here are just a few gems from their gallery
Supernova by TheseKrimzonFlamesa photograph by GhuneiM:thumb175532793:Lies My Mother Told Me by Poke-Me-If-You-DareSong of Our Time by xInvisibleGirlx
theWrittenRevolution is a wonderful group for writers of all spectrums. They promote the development of writers with feedback on their work.
:iconworldwar-tori:WorldWar-Tori 49 28
Mature content
16-Bit Haiku: First Half :iconsandzen:sandzen 17 25
I tell myself.
"Stop before you get hurt."
But I don't.
I don't want to stop.
I'm already hooked
on the way you smell,
on your immature jokes,
on your touch.
But my body fits
nestled against yours,
and my mind meets your thoughts
"Stop before you regret this."
But you know exactly
where to place your hands,
what to whisper in my ear,
how to play rough when the lights go out.
But I can't.
The way your body twitches
when you dream
just feels too right.
"Stop before you ruin it."
But you catch me off-guard
with your honesty
and self-disclosure.
But how could I stop now?
When this is all I've wanted?
All along?
:iconkeeperskeep:KeepersKeep 26 23
You Need Two to Tango
let me spew my story
through pearly white teeth
and write it in the form of poetry
let me spin a tale
of heros and villains
where the bad guys
never win
let me sing a quiet lullaby
with a happy smile on my face
let me dance a quick tango
alone in the rain
[let me cry myself to sleep tonight
under the cover of the stars
because everybody knows
you need two to tango]
:iconsugarcovereddreams:SugarCoveredDreams 5 4
The Dissipation of Paradise
She stared with butterfly eyes and photosynthesis cheeks.  Her willow hands asked to touch me and my yearning palms could not deny her anything, especially when she asked with those torch lily lips.
I should have told her no, but when she kissed me with her almond skin, my mouth clung to her for just a second too long.
I fell in love.
There was a rainforest in her heart, and in the beginning, she allowed me there.  It was the most beautiful place I had ever known.
We slept beside waterfalls, and sometimes, happiness was as simple as waking up to see mist glistening in her hair.  I'd press my palm to her petal fingers, and she's flash me a smile, revealing the opal of her teeth.
I found love blushing in her cheeks, but I clung to my serenity just a little too tightly.
My clumsy hands started bruising her petals, and her skin started to crawl beneath my fingertips.  I watched as her butterflies began to rip out their wings, turning her eyes the col
:iconemaciatedandepitaphs:EmaciatedandEpitaphs 17 6


The basic rules

1.) Make 100 art entries, each pic (NOT a pic....I'll write something)  having a theme listed below. Each pic should have ONE and only ONE theme to it, for it to count.

2.) No time limit so have fun

3.) The main picture should be drawn by you, or involve photos taken by you for the purpose of this challenge. No old art! It should all be newly made for this meme!

4.) Pics should be your own. You may not edit photos, or break any other rules set out in the DA etiquette policy. Your pics can be anything from sketches and doodles to great master pieces. Just have fun with it.

5.) The list below is to be placed somewhere in your journal for others to see that......
A.)You are in the challenge
B.)What you have completed

6.) make sure to update this list and check off what is done and make a link to the pic

7.) In the title/info for your artwork, note if it is part of the list and what one theme it is.

heres the list!

1. introduction
2. love ---- Romeo et Juliette
3. light
4. dark
5. rot
6. breakdown
7. heaven
8. away
9. cut
10. breathe
11. memory
12. insanity
13. misfourtune
14. smile
15. silence
16. spit
17. blood
18. under
19. gray
20. fortitude
21. war
22. mother
23. distasteful
24. want
25. lurking
26. europe
27. foreign
28. sorrow
29. urban
30. rain
31. flower
32. night
33. wrath
34. moon
35. walk
36. precious
37. see
38. abandond
39. dream
40. 6:09 PM
41. citric acid
42. still
43. die
44. two roads
45. two guns
46. drop
47. creation
48. childhood
49. stripes
50. breaking the rules
51. sport
52. old
53. descrete
54. tower
55. need
56. biohazzard
57. sacrifricial
58. kick in the head
59. no way out
60. desert
61. fairy tale
62. voodoo
63. do not disturb
64. city
65. horrific
66. snow
67. drum
68. hero
69. annoyance
70. wearwolf
71. obsession
72. mislead
73. i. cant,
74. confrontation
75. mirror
76. broken
77. test
78. drink
79. f---
80. words
81. pen and paper
82. can you hear me?
83. heal
84. cold
85. sick
86. seeing red
87. hunger
88. pain
89. through the fire
90. starvation
91. drown
92. rape
93. iron
94. soft
95. skull
96. storm
97. safety
98. puzzle
99. alone
100. gone
Found this on :iconsereisa:'s profile!



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